30 Point Premium Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is designed to

sell your home faster, and for a higher value,

than any other marketing plan available today.

 Many Realtors claim to have a plan to market your home that is supposed to be better than anyone else’s plan.  Ask them to send their plan to you, and then compare it to the one below.  Which one do you think is better?

  1. Upon your initial request for a marketing plan, Set a time for you and anyone else who might have interest in selling your home to meet with me to go over your unique circumstances
  2. Before the meeting:
    • Analyze the neighborhood to determine:
      • Number of Rentals
      • Number of Owned Home
      • Relative curb appeal of neighbors to your home
      • Relation to Attractions
      • Convenience Factors
  1. Meet with you and walk through your home
  2. Explain the 3 Circles of Agent Responsibility and the Sweet Spot
  3. Determine your home value
  4. Do the paperwork
  5. Make any urgent repairs
  6. Create Your Website
  7. Syndicate Your Listing to over 750 websites
  8. Feature Your Listing on CB Website
  9. Engage online Website Marketer
  10. Order Postcards
  11. Order Flyers
  12. Order Home Warranty
  13. Schedule appointment with Staging Company
  14. Do photos
  15. Install lockboxes
  16. Install Signs
  17. Review Showing Etiquette
  18. Prepare & Distribute 1st wave of postcards
  19. Install Scents
  20. Prepare Wireless Music
  21. Set Open House Date
  22. Send out Open House Postcards
  23. Hold Open House
  24. Adjust Value if Necessary
  25. Monitor Online Campaign
  26. Repeat 20-28 until sold
  27. Send out “under contract” postcards
  28. Send out Moving postcards