For Buyers

Before you do anything, have a look at this quick video that tells you the absolute essentials you should be looking for when shopping for a Realtor!

Things to look for when finding a Realtor

When you are looking to own a home as a first time homebuyer, relocation or down-sizing, your first step should be to contact a Realtor with local market knowledge, experience in a range of transactions, and the ability to obtain what you want at a minimum cost to you, and a team of people behind him that can do everything from obtaining a mortgage to pouring concrete.  That is actually a pretty tall order!  How do you locate such a person?

Did you know, that in fact that less than 5% of the Realtors do 95% of the work!  There are currently over 38,000 people with active licenses in Maricopa County alone!  In 2014, 76,570 home were sold of which I sold nearly 30!  You can close your eyes and throw darts at a board to determine who you are going to work with, or you can work with me!

My team is unsurpassed at providing anything you need.  In addition, I provide a concierge service for all myDownloadable_Concierge_Flyer001 clients so all they have to do is pick up a phone, and they be in contact with someone to fix, repair, add, or remove anything they want!

Things to watch out for

BEWARE THE PART TIME REALTOR – If someone has a different job, even a part-time job, it means that they can’t do the whole job for you!  If they were good at being a Realtor, why would they need a part-time job?

DON’T USE A FRIEND JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE YOUR FRIEND – The Realtor will find out a lot of information about you – do you want to share all your secrets?  Will your friend try to put you where they believe you should be instead of where you want to be?

RELATIVES DON’T RELATE – Family politics being what they are, your sister, aunt, uncle or cousin will always talk about your financial situation and your purchasing decisions with your other relatives!  They can’t help it – family pressure demands it!  Plus, there is always some envy and jealousy involved when family members are involved.

WEB SITES THAT ADVERTISE REALTORS DON’T REALLY KNOW THEMAll the people at the web site know is that the realtor they are advertising or recommending has enough money to pay them for that month