For Sellers

Any time you sell an object of value – a car, boat, golf clubs or water skis – it fees as if a part of you goes with the object.  After all, who can forget the good times had on the course, or the memories made in the journeys delivering loved ones to fun places?

Selling your home is no different.  Many memories are brought forth when you consider all the events that occurred under that roof!  It is natural to be attached to your home, where you feel comfortable and safe.

That is one reason why one of your first steps in selling your home is to find a reputable Realtor to help you with the job.

Selling your home is more a marathon than a sprint!  It is a project that is made up of literally 100’s of small tasks, from minor cosmetic repair to evaluating the individual strength of multiple offers.  Some tasks are simple and easy, and some have legal ramifications, but they all have to be done to successfully sell your house for the highest possible price.  All houses are unique, which is why you need a professional who can determine the tasks that are necessary to sell your particular house in the shortest time with the best possible outcome.

Working with Me Ensures a Positive Outcome:
  • Your specific needs are addressed through seller counseling sessions to insure all of your requirements and your goals are met
  • Comprehensive Market Analysis software and additional resource tools are provided to ensure the most accurate values
  • Your best interests are paramount when considering offers
  • Marketing of your home includes both manual and electronic marketing methods to insure your property is advertised to the widest range of prospective buyers
  • The highest standards of professional ethics and business practices are always observed to insure integrity throughout the process
  • I am available 100% of the time to answer any questions or address any concerns that you may have throughout your listing
  • I provide support even after the transaction is complete with a Concierge service for all your moving needs

Let’s get your home sold for the most money, in the shortest amount of time!

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